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North and South Pandan Island are situated in the middle of the western coastline of Mindoro, some km in front of the small city of Sablayan. It is also a good base for trips to the Apo Reef - one of the best coral reef and diving spot in the Philippines.
On North Pandan Island you will find a french Resort, it is surrounded from a quite intact environment. The Resort offers some favorable rooms (Fan with common bathroom) for 750 Peso. For the better Cottages you have to pay 1500 Peso. Like almost always in french Ressorts, the food is very good (but not so cheap).

Getting there:
Take the ferry from Batangas to Wawa/Abra de Ilog, from there with a jeepney or bus to Sablayan (3 hours, the last hour very dusty road).
In Sablayan take a boat - 15 minutes.
Other Opportunity: Flight from Manila to San Jose ( Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines,
Zest Airways,), from there again 3 hours by jeepney or bus to Sablayan.

How I told you already, on North Pandan Island is also a diving operator, in the season (Dec - May) there are plenty trips to the Apo Reef.
Around Pandan Island you will find good corals and marine life for snorkeling. Booking in advance is recommondable, link to the Resort.
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Pandan Island
Puerto Galera + Sabang  + White Beach
Pandan Island, sailing banca
Pandan Island, northern coastline
Beach on Pandan Island

In Sablayan is the Adventure Camp (Fanrooms start at 800 Peso) and an Eco Tourism office. These two organisations offering some trekking adventures.
The following activities should be possible: Mountain treks, kayak-tours, trips to lakes and waterfalls, the visit of a prison farm and maybe trekkingtours to native Mangayan tribes, which are living in the highlands of Mindoro.
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San Jose, not yet from tourists discovered city, in the south of Mindoro.
The southern islands of Ilin and Ambulong should offer good beaches and snorkeling. From here you can start also a tour to the Apo Reef.
Sometimes boats go to Coron/Busuanga, ask in the harbour or by the coast guard for information.
Daily flights to Manila.

Favorable accommodations:

Sikatuna Town Hotel, Fanroom with bath starts at 500 Peso.

Sikatuna Beach Hotel, meanwhile only AC-rooms with bath and cableTV, starts at 900 Peso.

More information about San Jose and surroundings you will find here: link
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