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If you like some adventure on your journey, try to make a raftingtour!
Its not one of the well known tourist attractions of the Philippines, but there are some places with good conditions for rafting.

Maybe the most famous destination for rafting in the philippines is Cagayan de Oro, situated at the northern coastline of Mindanao.
Meanwhile several operators offering rafting-tours on the cagayan river, regulary they looking also for some safety standards (helmets, life jackets, briefing, safety companions) and the trips are quite favorable if you compare them with trips in europe or northamerica!

Cagayan de Oro belongs already to one of the bigger cities in the Philippines (550.000 residents) and provides a good infrastructure.

Going to:

Daily several flights from Cebu and Manila,
ferryboats from Bohol and Cebu,
buses from all cities in Mindanao. For example, Davao, Surigao, Iligan.
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Favorable accommodations:

Vines Pension, Aguinaldo corner Yacapin Str.,
aircon + cable TV, starts from 650 Peso.

Executive Pension, Mabini Str.,
aircon + cable TV, free WiFi, 575 Peso.

Red Palm Inn, N. Capistrano corner Cruz Taal Str.,
aircon + cable TV, starts from 615 Peso.

Kyross Inn, Mabini Str.,
aircon + cable TV, starts from 450 Peso.
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There will be at least 4 operators for rafting in Cagayan, the river should be passable all the year around. Meanwhile they offering als kayaking and "pinoy water tubing"  (truck tires, tied together).
Link to promoters. In Cagayan, go to the tourist office, if you not find an operator.
Rafting in Cagayan de Oro
Jeepney with rafting boats
Cagayan river
Cagayan river at night

o`s Manukan, Yacapin Str.,
good chicken bbq, favorably.

La Tegola, Arch Hayes Str.,
italian restaurant of the Cebu chain, good pizza + pasta, medium prices till exclusiv.

Lighthouse Restaurant, Gaisano Mall,
likewise Cebu import, classical good philippino food, medium prices.

When I been last time 2006 in Cagayan, there been also restaurants on boats on the river, pleasant atmosphere in the evening, not expensively.

In Cagayan are also some big Malls (SM City, Gaisano, Robinson, Limetkai) with plenty of restaurants and the usual fast food chains.
Many regions in Nordluzon offering rafting-tours (link).
Very interesting looks the website of the Chico River Quest (link) from the Kalinga province.
But there you can`t expect so favorable prices like in Cagayan de Oro (the cheapest package-tour is available for 4000 Peso per person for a 2-day-trip).

Getting there about Tuguegarao City, from that place 1 hour by bus to Tabuk.

Tuguegarao City has daily flights from Manila.
Buses need at least 10 hours!
Traveling by bus is maybe only an option in combination with a visit of the rice terraces (and Ifugao-tribes) of Banaue or Sagada.
A further interesting activity in Cagayan de Oro is the visit of the Canopy Walk (high rope course in rainforest trees - participants  get secured) in Claveria, Misamis Oriental. Around 1 1/2 hours  from Cagayan.
There are also animal observations possible
in the trees, if the group and the operators arrange not too much action - and have interests in that kind of business.
Organisation goes by the tourist office in Cagayan. Perhaps it will be more expensive than the rafting, because it is not so easy to find more other people to get cheaper prices!
Here is a link to a promoter for booking in advance.
A visit of Cagayan de Oro and rafting can be connected well with a journey to Camiguin. To the island you can go in only 2 hours by bus.
Surigao del Norte or Bohol are also good for a travel combination.
Favorable accommodations:

In Tuguegarao City the hotels Ivory and Candice, both offering good rooms with aircon and cable/TV, starts at 600 Peso, both also with restaurants.

In Tuguegarao City are living 130.000 residents. The surrounding area is famous for plenty of beautiful caves (Callao Caves for example), at the Pinacanauan River you find also operators for kayaking.
Other outdoor-activities in the philippines:

My website about Cebu I will write on a later date, but relating to other outdoor-activities I like inform you already now about an interesting german operator there:

Planet Action Adventure (link) of Jochen Hanika in Moalboal (good destination for diving and snorkeling!)

He offers plenty of activities: Canyoning, caving, river climbing, volcano climbing, trekking, horse back riding, mountain biking and much more. Take a look to his website.
all pics from a raftingtour in Cagayan de Oro
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