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Cheap flights
I don`t know from what country you are, but regulary it is a good idea if you looking for more than one cheap booking company in the internet to compare the prices.

If you are not traveling only for a short time (like 2 weeks), I recommend to look also for other destinations in Asia, Bangkok or Hongkong for example. If you get a good price to an other destination, then look in the internet for a connecting flight to the Philippines. Cheap airlines in Asia are "Cebu-Pacific" and "Air Asia", recently "Seair" and "Airphil Express" offers also very good promos.

I traveled in the last years with this combination very favorable. But you should book at least 2 - 4 month before you plan to start, to get the cheap airfares.

Unfortunately “Qatar Airways“ will stop their directflight from Doha to Cebu, so interesting connections to Cebu (if you coming from Europe) offers Cebu Pacific, for example from Singapur, Bangkok and Hongkong.
Flights inside the Philippines you can book by Cebu-Pacific, Airphil-Express and Zest-Air in the internet very favorably. Again 2 - 4 month before start. It is also a good idea to get the newsletter of the above air companies, from time to time they offer very cheap promos!

Flights to El Nido are very expensive (6750 Peso one way with Island Transvoyager).
Now - and also the next years - in El Nido will be only a small runway.
From December to May Seair flys also 3times the week (Mo, We + Su) the route, on a same pricelevel.
Daily they have flights to Sandoval (it`s a small place 1 hour north of Taytay).

Cheaper you can go about Puerto Princesa or Coron/Busuanga - but then you have a long and arduously journey by bus/van or boat.

The skyscanner downside lists also national and international Cebu Pacific flights in the search menu.
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Cheap accommodation
The classic backpacker is not booking an accommodation before he starts to travel. He/she brings a good travel guide book (Jens Peters, lonely planet), is the edition already some years old, count some 2 - 300 Peso to the written prices.
I give you to all travel destinations I report, some very favorable accommodation tips, but mostly that places you can`t book in advance!
If somebody coming first time to the philippines - or if your flight arrives in the evening in Manila or Cebu, maybe you prefer booking in advance. Also families with smaller children and some girlfriend-travelcompanion  wants a secured booked accommodation!
Some very cheap places in Manila or Cebu you can book by the "hostelbooker". Better Hotels (and cheap accommodations) you will find by "agoda".
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                                                     Times are changing - also in the Philippines

2010 the number of tourists, which are traveled to the philippines, were risen again. Also for the next years it is expecting an increase of tourist arrivals! Specially the visitors from other asian countries (Corea, China, Japan) are becoming bigger. On "christmas", "eastern holidays" and on "chinese new year" the tourist regions will be booked out!
El Nido has only a limited numbers of accommodations - specially by the cheap and middle-priced places are "bottlenecks" in the time between december and april!
Because of this reasons I recommend to book in advance on the above called holidays and destinations. Agoda offers a bright selection of accommodations.

Recently i made the experience, a look to agoda is also a good idea in the off-season, sometimes they have special offers, you wouldn´t get that rates from the hotel itself!
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